What is a block captain?
A block captain is a block leader. Block captains take the lead in getting to know their neighbors and working with their neighbors to address individual block needs. Block captains also serve as an information resource.

Why have a block captain program?
Strong and healthy blocks are the cornerstone of vibrant neighborhoods. Ednor Gardens-Lakeside is a large neighborhood and many of the issues we face are block specific. For example, one block might have an issue with speeding drivers. Another block may have an issue with a poorly maintained property. By having active block captains, who can organize block level efforts, the neighborhood as a whole will benefit.

Can there be more than one block captain on a block?

May current block captains attend?
Yes. Current block captains (i.e. persons who went thru the Greater Homewood Training) are more than welcome.  

How do I sign up for the training?
You can sign up by emailing Chris Ryon at crryon@hotmail, or leaving a message at 410 302-0641.

What will the training involve?
The training will be conducted by a group of current EGL block captains in coordination with the EGL Civic Association Public Safety Committee. The training will focus on providing information and resources to assist block leaders in their organizing efforts. Some current EGL block captains will share their experiences. The training will be similar to past trainings organized by Greater Homewood; however this one will be tailored specifically to residents of Ednor Gardens-Lakeside. The long term goal is to establish an ongoing network of active block captains throughout Ednor Gardens-Lakeside.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Reba Bullock,
Phyllis McNeal,
Brad Schlegel,
Karenthia Barber, and
Chris Ryon



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